Opinions on Taylor Momsen?

I’m going to be straight forward and say that I do not like Taylor Momsen. Who cares right? Well I guess no one should care about my opinion, but if this girl really think she’s ‘reinventing rock n roll’ then let me just say that I’m scared. Here’s the thing, I think she has talent I really do. Her first album was not that great but her new album that just came out is not half bad. She also has a great voice….. WITH THAT SAID, her personality is just the worst. She just seems so fake to me! In every interview I watch of hers, she always tries to sound so bad ass! She refers to her music as rock n roll and calls her performances ‘rock n roll’. I’m sorry Taylor but you have long ways until your band is considered rock n roll. She thinks she is so original with all of the bands she listens to but she is not. Her history is not that ‘rock n roll’ either…. she wouldn’t have this singing career if it wasn’t for her parents and yet, she hates her parents for pushing her into show biz at an early age. Whenever people ask what her favorite bands are, she lists like the same obvious 4 rock bands…. ‘zeppelin, the who, the beatles, pink floyd….’. She doesn’t seem to have much knowledge on the bands besides the fact that they’re rock and roll. She claims that there are no good rock bands out there today….which is totally false. If she really had such a love for music she’d look for all of the amazing unrecognized rock bands that are out there. THERE ARE MANY AND THEY ARE ALL MORE TALENTED THAN SHE IS GOD DAMNIT. Lastly, I’m sick of hearing all of her christianity references in her songs in order to seem to seem more hard core and what not. It’s all been done before. She could be suuuch a cool person and I would totally respect her if she was more modest about her image and her music…. She is not saving rock and roll. AGH sorry for getting angry. What do you guys think?

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